Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When the Pot Calls the Kettle Rich

"Someone help me! This dirty peasant is touching my hand!"

So, I was going to write about immigration today, but, uh, something came up. Yes, that's it, something came up. Really breaking news, all over the headlines and blogosphere and stuff. Apparently, MSNBC was making fun of Romney today. Ok, maybe that isn't "news" per se. But what is news is what Soopermexican pointed out about MSNBC hosts laughing at Romney after showing a clip of him talking about going to a Wawa and using some automatic sandwich making gizmo or something, and telling the crowd "it's amazing".

So, mkay, here's the thing. I'm not entirely sure what the MSNBC people were laughing about. Was it because Romney had never been to a Wawa? Or was it that he thought some new-fangled contraption at the Wawa was "amazing"? As in, either rich out of touch millionaires don't ever go to Wawas, or rich out of touch millionaires are so silly they find the toys peasants play with to be amazing little things.

In an effort to find out, I had to google Wawa, because I don't even know what that is. I mean, I am pretty well entrenched in the 99%, with no signs of suddenly becoming a millionaire, and I didn't know what this place was that these MSNBC folks were cackling about. Turns out it's some kind of uppity east coast hoagie shop. Which is why I didn't know what it is; we don't have uppity east coast shops in my neck of the woods. This here is bitterly clinging to guns and religion country.

Well, apparently they were laughing at Romney trying to make it look like his "supermarket scanner moment" of G.H.W. Bush fame. Except, Romney wasn't talking about the Wawa thing as being amazing, only that it's amazing how private business can make things simple and competitive, whereas government complicates everything. So, MSNBC kind of failed to be relevant...again. But good try! At least your other media buddies are having better success at painting Romney as an out-of-touch rich guy.

Except, all of the ones really hounding on that are also rich guys. Like, for instance,  Dave Letterman (millionaire), Jon Stewart (millionaire), Stephen Colbert (millionaire), Hollywood (millionaires). And don't forget, Romney's opponent himself, our dear leader Obama is a millionaire. So are they all just saying he is out of touch independent of his being rich? Well no, because that would be a different thing entirely. Instead they keep harping on how Romney is too rich to "know what's going on" in the country or understand Americans. But all of these people saying this are also quite wealthy. I mean, I highly doubt Bill Maher lives paycheck to paycheck and worries about losing his job (actually, it is most of the rest of us who worry about Maher NOT losing his job).

I think maybe Romney should fight fire with a little fire of his own. Perhaps he could slip into a speech that Obama is "out of touch" because he is a millionaire who never owned or ran a business, has been insulated in social activist groups and politics, and never worked a day in his life. I mean, if all of these rich guys on the left can say stuff like that about Romney, well turnabout is fair play I do believe. 

Then again, I do believe I have pointed out before that nobody should really be watching MSNBC anyway, so this whole thing is probably a non-issue.

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