Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why I like Nazis, Liberals, Platypodes, and Puppies

From the makers of Volkswagen...

If there is one thing about me that those close to me know, it is that I love history. History is the study of humanity, and there isn't a creature alive on this planet that is more interesting than humans. The platypus comes in a close second...I mean, what is a platypus? It's not a duck, or a reptile, or a bird, or a poisonous snake, or a beaver, yet it shares attributes of each. It is a good thing scientists figured out how to classify the platypus (hey!, lets just make up a classification that only a platypus and one other creature "kind of" fits into!). Thank you scientists.

But as I was saying, I am a student of history. I love history of all sorts, from everywhere on the globe and all time periods. But one of my favorite periods is during the second world war. I don't love it because it was a war; war sucks and everyone with a brain knows it. But it is so interesting because it was a unique war. See, unlike most every war in human history, there really isn't much ambiguity when it comes to WWII. You had the good guys and the bad guys (and then there were the Soviets). You can look at just about any other war in history, especially in Europe, and make a case for either side. But in WWII, you had the ultimate bad guys: the Nazis.

Now, I know the title of this post says I "like Nazis". Of course I don't like them, but they were the perfect villain. You can actually hate them and feel good about doing so because they were so darned bad. If anyone wants to point to an example of how evil humanity can be when it really wants to, you can just point at the Nazis. And it didn't matter how many horrible things the Allies did in WWII, the Nazis were even worse. It was a case of moral relativism in action: relative to the Nazis, just about anything anyone did was moral.

So, I like the Nazis as a perfect villain, because it makes being objective about WWII rather easy compared to just about any other major war in history. Even in the American Revolution, you can see the British side of things if you are inclined to. But that is near impossible to do when it comes to the Nazis, unless you are some kind of hateful racist with an unhealthy obsession for sauerkraut. And of course, because of this uniqueness of the Nazis, they became the perfect analogy for anything evil...and eventually the object of fallacious arguments.

See, I rather don't like the "liberal" philosophy in modern politics. I put liberal in quotation marks because modern liberals aren't really liberal in the classical sense. They are just re-branded leftist progressives. Another term is Socialist. Something people like to latch onto in political arguments is comparing one side or the other to Nazis. Conservatives are called Nazis by the left because they share a few ideologies when it comes to national defense and national pride and, well, that's about it I think. The right likes to brand leftists as Nazis because both ideologies are socialist. However, comparing Nazis and liberals/leftists/socialist of American politics based on the Socialism connection is much like saying wolves and puppies are the same. Yes, they are both genetically similar. But you pet a puppy dog: you do not pet a wolf. One is playful, and the other is aggressive to the point of biting your face off.

I do like puppies, and most anyone does that doesn't just completely hate dogs (even President Obama loves dogs...preferably with ketchup). I may not like modern liberals' ideologies, but I would consider them puppies when it comes to comparing them with Nazi wolves. They share the roots of socialism, but there the similarities end. So the next time you get into an argument on the internets, invoke not Hitler or Goebbels, or the jackbooted thugs that did evil in their names. Instead, think of that leftist as a cute little puppy. A silly, stupid little puppy that doesn't know what it is yelping about.

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  1. Welcome to In your World, Jason. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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    1. Sir, I despise cats. I am a dog person. When I say dog person, I do not mean the type of person that treats a dog like their own child. I generally like animals, and prefer dogs. Cats are on my top 10 list of evil creatures, between minotaur and mole. The only exceptions are big, fat farm cats that act like dogs. I can't fault their DNA, its the character that counts.