Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Non-correct Speech Isn't Free

And while we're on the subject, that whole Bill of Rights thing is just a list of suggestions.

Well the Senate Democrats worked late Monday night, trying to get their point across to...well, other Democrats I guess. Specifically, Charles Schumer gave a late-night speech on the Senate floor earlier this week where he said "I believe there ought to be limits, because the First Amendment is not absolute. No amendment is absolute."

Schumer is upset, because the First Amendment allows a peasant citizen to say whatever he or she wants! They can even say things like "don't vote for Schumer" or "Schumer is a big dummy". It isn't fair! How can mere citizens say such things about his Schumer? But I seem to be focusing here on Schumer. Poor wittle Schumer, we understand. You just happened to be the one talking at the time. A lot of your fellow Democrats feel the same way too.

How can they keep potential voters in sublime ignorance informed if people keep mucking it up by informing everyone of the truth making up stuff about them? Politicians like Schumer have a responsibility to their own desire for power constituents to stay in office, and peasants citizens running around the internet spreading the truth lies about them is really damaging their ability to keep getting elected.

Of course, I know what some of you are thinking. These dirty rotten democrats are at it again! They just want to take away my rights of free speech! Don't tread on me! Down with government! Raaawgh! Besides sounding like a rabid teabagger, you are completely wrong, and this kind of speech is exactly what Schumer is trying to curtail. You see, there is free speech, and there is free correct speech. See, up till now, the government has been kind of lenient on allowing people to say all of the not-correct things they want to. They figured that no harm could come of it, so why not? Because government is really benevolent like that. Like a good king or something.

But then people started to say a lot of not-correct stuff, like "Success through hard work!" or "I value liberty". Not-correct stuff like that really is detrimental to politicians, and especially left-leaning democrats. And if it is bad for politicians, it is bad for government, and so bad government is bad for everyone. Examples of correct speech are things like "I have an opinion, but I will keep it to myself." or "I may not agree with any single thing everything Obama has done, but I will vote for him anyway.". 

Schumer and the democrats just want to free up your free speech by making it more correct. And it is a lot easier to practice free speech when you know what you are supposed to say. So let the politicians do their job, and fix the not-correct speech problem in this country. 

It's for the children.

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