Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Link of the Unspecified Time Period: Top Ten Things Obama Has Not Released

Well, I tried the link of the day thing, but I failed to keep up with it, so now it is "link of the unspecified time period".

Today's link of the unspecified time period is from

Top ten things Obama has not released.

On #8, his book proposal. It talks about Obama having been advertised as being from Kenya before getting into politics. I'm no birther, but I still have a suspicion that Obama was actually born in Kenya. But the thing about that, which has always bothered me a bit, is why that would even be an issue.

You see, I myself was not born in the United States, but in Japan. However, my parents were both American citizens, and not that it matters, but neither were even of Japanese ancestry. So, a long time ago I looked into things like whether or not my being born abroad would put any restrictions on my citizenship. What I found was that it doesn't. As long as a person has one U.S. citizen as a parent, and you lived in the United States for a significant part of your life, you have all of the same rights as any other U.S. citizen.

Which means, if Obama was born in Kenya, but mostly grew up in the U.S., and has an American mother, then he is a full U.S. citizen, and eligible to be a President.

It's all of the other stuff about him that makes him being a stuttering catastrophe of a miserable failure. Don't forget that distinction. I'd rather have a highly competent foreigner in office than Obama at this point.

As long as they weren't French. That I could not abide.


  1. the constitution does say natural born citizen. its pretty much always been interpreted to mean "being born in america".

    for a short period of time there was an issue with McCain because he was born on a military base outside the united states. its considered u.s. soil so it became a non issue.

    1. No, the actual laws specifically say that bases overseas (like the one I was born on), aren't considered American soil. However, 12 nautical miles from a U.S. coastline or in an airplane flying over the U.S. are both considered births in the U.S. The key for births in other countries is having a U.S. citizen for a parent. In addition to that, the child must live at least five years in the U.S.

      So, as it stands now, children born outside of the U.S., whether or not it is on a military base, to U.S. citizens, are considered natural born citizens as long as they spend a significant part of the childhood (prior to 18 years of age) within the United States. And there are waivers for those who don't as well, like for children of diplomats on long assignments.

    2. Keln, I was under the impression that both parents had to be citizens. How do you know this, specifically?

    3. I know it because I read it.

      I had researched this years ago, well before I had ever heard the name Obama or even Wikipedia or Snopes, so I don't have exact references handy. However, a quick Google search gave me the following link:

      The idea that two parents must be U.S. citizens is obviously silly when it is well known that any child born inside of a U.S. border, regardless of parentage, is automatically a U.S. citizen. So to say that the child of one U.S. citizen born abroad is somehow less a citizen than a child of two illegal immigrants, but born on U.S. soil is completely asinine.

      As is the case against Obama. He had an American mother. Regardless of which plot of soil he was born on, the fact remains that he was the son of an American mother. The law supports that, and common sense does also. Chasing the idea that Obama is an illegitimate President is folly. We on the right deal in logic and reason. And logic and reason say that Obama's eligibility as President based on the rather vague requirements set forth within our Constitution isn't really in question.

      It is his ability to be a President that is in question, and his failure to be an adequate leader. I could not care less where the President was born. He was born to an American, and he has spent a significant portion of his life in America prior to running for President. As a president, he has been an absolute failure however, and that is all that matters.