Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reader Submission: Disney World Peace

From Scatbug:
Disney World Peace
In an unexpected and startling development, the Wonderful World of Disney may provide the long-sought impetus for peace on the Korean Peninsula:
While foreign policy experts have yet to determine the reasons for Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s dramatic shift, they are encouraged by his decision to bring Western culture to the reclusive Hermit Kingdom:
The inclusion of characters popular in the West — particularly from the United States, North Korea's wartime enemy — is a notable change in direction for performance arts in Pyongyang.
Kim, who took power after his father, longtime leader Kim Jong Il, died in December, has a "grandiose plan to bring about a dramatic turn in the field of literature and arts this year," [the state-run Korean Central News Agency] said.
Kim…has sought to project an image of youth, vitality and modernity.
Unconfirmed reports also mention that a housing facility near the Chinese border will be renamed the People’s Hundred Acre Reeducation Center.
Seizing on this news, and understanding the implications for stalled talks on North Korea’s nuclear program, the Obama Administration has announced a restructuring of its negotiation strategy. In addition to proposals presented as a treasure map, team members will portray Kim’s favorite Disney characters:
  • Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton – Queen Grimhilde
  • Vice President, Joe Biden – Tigger
  • Special Envoy, Sen. Harry Reid – Eeyore
  • Special Envoy, Rep. Nancy Pelosi – Hannah Montana
  • Communications Liaison, Jay Carney – Tinker Bell
While President Obama will not attend preliminary negotiations, it is anticipated that he will assume the role of Piglet for the final talks and treaty signing.

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