Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Independence Day, 2012

Yes! Finally, my second favorite holiday is here! Time for some fried chicken, and fire works, and loud music, and more fried chicken!

Can you wrap chicken in bacon before frying it? I might look into that.

Andy Griffith died yesterday. And America loses yes another great one from the greatest generation. I think just about every American alive today has watched the Andy Griffith show. He'll be missed.

The climate change people are already starting to point to the current heat wave and droughts across the country as evidence of their silly ideas. When are they going to learn that, yes, the climate changes. This is something humans have known for centuries.

Shouldn't these people be preparing for the end of the world in December by, like, drinking some kool-aid and waiting for the mother ship?

And speaking of crazies...I generally ignore "entertainment news", but I'm interested to see where this stuff with Katie Holmes is going. The Scientology whackos are all up in arms about something or other.

That's all I got this morning. I'm in a gas-guzzling American SUV heading to Florida right now, so I can only do so much on the road.

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