Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Sunday, 1 July, 2012

In Bethel, Alaska, there really aren't too many places to get a taco.Out of the blue, people there learned that a Taco Bell would be opening up operations there. Joy ensued as the people of Bethel could almost taste the tacos coming their way. A $500 airplane trip to the nearest taco, it was like a dream come true. Unfortunately, there were no plans to open a Taco Bell in the remote Alaskan village. It was all just a hoax created by some feuding neighbors.

But that's ok...some Taco Bell executives found out about it and decided to fly in 10,000 tacos worth of ingredients to the small village of Bethel to make up for it. This is really par for the course for Taco Bell. I used to be an employee of the company during my high school years, and it was pretty common for the company to give away free tacos at the drop of a sombrero. They won't get any business from Bethel, because there is no Taco Bell there. They really don't get anything from it.

So why would an evil corporation do such a thing? Because they are American. That's why. Stick that in your socialist choom pipe and smoke it Mr. President.

So apparently the storm I went through Friday night was a doozy, to the tune of several governors calling for a state emergency. I still blame my power company for sucking though. We lose power without storms, so they can't hide behind this one.

Obama is apparently whining about not getting enough money for his campaign. Perhaps he should consider the fact that nobody really wants him to be president no more.

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