Saturday, July 28, 2012

Understanding the Left: Green Energy

It's made of people!

In an effort to truly understand the left, one must begin by understanding their causes. For example, why they like gun control, or why do they label people as this or that minority or majority, or why do they hate America, themselves, Jews, Christians, but actually like Michael Moore? Those are some pretty hefty issues, but I'd like to discuss another one: green energy and climate change.

Many have wondered why the left makes such a big deal about "climate change". And they've been doing it for many years now, presenting it as an immediate crises with nothing but the end of the very planet at stake if we fail to act by their terms. First it was an impending ice age in the late 70s and early 80s. Call it "man-made global cooling". Then there was the deforestation which would cause all of Earth's oxygen to be depleted in short order in the late 80s. Call it "man-made global asphyxiation". Then, in the early 90s, we had acid rain. Call it "man-made melting your face off on rainy days". 

When an "ice age" never came, since we've already been in one since the dawn of humanity (we are in an interglacial period of an ice age and have been since prehistory), and deforestation failed to suffocate us all (due to pesky phytoplankton generating about 90% of oxygen on Earth), and the rain failed to become acidic enough to melt faces, the left had to try harder.

Enter global warming! Or, as it was known to the left, Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). Somehow, the left was able to seduce Science! to get on board with this one simply by pointing out that Carbon Dioxide levels have steadily risen with the growth of industry, and temperatures in the latter half of the 20th century also rose. No actual physical connection was ever made between CO2 and global warming, but it looked good on a graph, if tweaked enough. The left found their cause!

Except, after some rather brutally cold winters, and ocean levels not rising quite as quickly as the left would like, the term global warming had to be modified to Global Climate Change. Now the left had it. Climate change...what an ambiguous term. Everyone knows from elementary school that the climate changes. So it is true; there is climate change. Nobody can deny it. Even when NASA noted that our Sun has entered one of its most active periods on record, Science! and the left continue to ignore that as a reason for our recently hot summer...because climate change. The Science! model works like this:

1. It's hot this summer.
2. ??????????
3. Climate Change!

1. It is really cold this winter.
2. ??????????
3. Climate Change!

1. Ocean levels dropping/rising/staying the same.
2. ??????????
3. Climate Change!

So no matter what, it's due to climate change, and the left doesn't have to make any connection whatsoever to how recent trends are caused by anything man-made. It is perfect! Why is it perfect? Well, that my friends can be seen in the question of green energy. Green energy is the left's "solution" to climate change. And, by default, what constitutes "green energy" is as ambiguous as what constitutes "climate change". 

Green energy was once defined as energy that is produced without producing carbon dioxide, or other pollutants. Under this definition, solar and wind are green forms of energy, but so is nuclear. Except, the left hates nuclear energy, even if it doesn't pollute the air as does coal and even natural gas.

Nuclear Power plants emit a deadly gas known as "water vapor"

How can this be? Wouldn't nuclear power, even with its waste production, be better than coal or gas? It emits no CO2, which is what the left says is the source of the climate change problem. Well, yes. And that is why the left despises nuclear energy...because it is a solution to their proposed problem. They don't want a solution, they just want a perpetual problem.

Solar and wind are safe, because they aren't viable. Without government dollars, solar and wind energy cannot survive in a capitalist market. They just don't produce enough power for cost, and they aren't very reliable. But if they depend on government to keep operating, then they solve the real problem the left has: maintaining their power over people's lives.

Climate change is an invented problem, and green energy is an invented solution. The only way to make an invented problem perpetual, as the left is wont to do, is to never actually solve it. That is why they constantly offer solutions that they well know will not work. They want to present a situation where all solutions fail, so as to give them the opportunity to keep "solving" the problem with public consent by instituting more and more regulation of industry, thus controlling it. 

The left cares not about pollution or environmental hazards. They care only about gaining enough control to implement their stupid ideas. Politicians on the left go along with it, because they simply want to stay in power. It is a symbiosis of the desire of power and ideology that drives these people to present such global problems and present such dire solutions.

What if I told you, that in fact, there isn't a problem at all? That's the real trick. The left convinces everyone that there is a problem, and when the right can't offer a solution to it (because there is no solution to non-existent problem), the left seems wise to the masses when it presents just about anything as a solution. This is known as a fallacious paradox. And it is from that, which the left operates.

So now you know...and knowing is half the battle.

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