Friday, August 24, 2012

Ask Me Anything: First Edition

Here is my first “ask walkingdead anything” post.  I hope you like it, if not you know where you can go.

Bob Spedorskie asks- Dear Walkingdead, if you were a fish what kind of a fish would you be?

Answer:  what kind of a question is that?  This is a really bad way to start off this column.  How can I give an answer to that, funny or not?  This is actually the stupidest question I was ever asked.  Don’t ever ask me a question again, not even what time it is.  Coincidentally what time is it would probably be the second dumbest question asked?

Jim Smith asks- what time is it?

Answer:  UGH… 9:16 A.M.

Bret Jarvis asks- Dear Walkingdead, what are we supposed to do about guys like Akin.  They’re stupid and we need to get rid of the stupid… ‘em I right?

Answer:  honestly all we can do is stop voting for these guys.  We are all pro life here right… I assume?  Even with that being said we need to understand that we may have to lose a few or a lot of elections in order to get our party straight.  The tea party is great and brought us back to basics, however I am no fan of a social agenda in government.  The only social agenda I want to see is stop baby murder.  That’s it.  We got some great young guys and girls coming up the ranks.  We just need to give them time to mature.

Navin Briggs- Dear @chrisjohnbone what do we do if Obama gets elected again?

Answer:  we have a few responsibilities that I would love to bring up now.

#1 we have a responsibility to stack congress and the senate with as many republicans as we can get.  Mind what I said above about stupid ones though.

#2 we have a responsibility keep their feet to the fire (proverbially of course) in order to limit the damage that Obama can do.

#3 we need to stop with this whole Muslim/Kenyan thing.  I understand that it’s a very small part of the population, but every time someone says it that’s fire for the left.  They don’t need anymore.

London Bridges asks- If you were moderating a debate between Paul Ryan and Barack Obama, what would that look like?

Answer: it would look like a magical place filled with unicorns and no matter where you were the faint sound of a harpsichord could be heard in the background.

I would ask the candidates several hard hitting questions, mostly about their stance on abortion, the economy, and what to do on a third date.  When it was all said and done, we would have the ab flex off, and I would ask the audience at home to not vote for either candidate based on their answers, but on how good they think they would look in the superman costume.

Thank you everyone for your questions.  Make sure you ask me more for next week.