Friday, August 17, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Friday, August 17, 2012

• Romney paid all of his taxes, but Koko the giant sock monkey says otherwise.

• Burning books is too old fashioned for the modern idiot. Instead, why not cut them apart piece by piece and turn them into an awful form of arts and crafts?

• Every once in a while, even leftys accidentally do a good thing. As PJ Media points out, NBC spent some time detailing how important the Battle of Britain was in the early years of WWII, and how it was one of Britain's greatest accomplishments.

In the article, Britain's health care system is discussed and it is pointed out that it was put on display during the Olympic games in London. But, for some reason, NBC decided to showcase Britain's role in withstanding the onslaught of the German Luftwaffe instead.

A bold move for a rather leftist network, and one to actually be applauded.

But I have argue with one point that the PJ media writer made. He said that the British did it "alone". While they surely bore the brunt of the Battle of Britain, and nobody would question the Brits' bravery and courage in that time, they did not go it alone. There were Americans flying in those battles, albeit as civilian volunteers. And Liberty ships were sending bullets and supplies daily to Britain.

The British earned the lion's share of honor in that battle, but don't forget it was the Americans who stood by them even then, before we got into the war in earnest.

But nonetheless, as much as I enjoy berating NBC, because generally they deserve it...good job on this one. The BoB was truly Britain's most shining moment.

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