Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Saturday, August 18, 2012

• Once again, a third party candidate is looking to muck things up. This time it's Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. If you didn't know this, he's running for president. And his campaign seems to be deliberately focused not on winning the election, but stealing votes from Mitt Romney.

Which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They're even bragging about how they could steal 5 swing states from Romney (and give them to Obama).

Isn't this like shooting yourself in the face? I even lean libertarian, and I can't understand this one. Why would you want Obama to win? Do they just want the country to have four more years of that failure so that it falls apart?

I don't think they'll be able to pull a Ross Perot, but that seems to be their goal. Wackos.

• President Obama has turned down an interview with one of his biggest fans, Chris "Tingles" Matthews.

Wow! I mean, why would he do that? Free air time, with absolutely no risk of any hard questions in an interview with a man that absolutely worships you.

Maybe it's because the only people that will watch it are already voting Obama anyway, and it isn't worth being in the same room as Chrissy Tingles just for some air time?


• So some Democrats used Ted Kennedy's brain cancer to guilt-trip some Republicans into voting for the stimulus bill, or something like that.

The question then, is how could that guilt them at all? Maybe because the source of Ted Kennedy's brain cancer was Mitt Romney?

How many victims Mitt? How many have died from your murder-cancer powers? The answer can only be found in your tax returns. Come clean!

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