Friday, August 10, 2012

Understanding the Left: The Government the Left Wants

One thing about the left that really boggles the mind is how open they are to a bloated, oppressive government. Most on the left believe that such a controlling government is the only way to force society to be what they think it ought to be, and that part is pretty well understood by most I guess. But the part that is confusing is that, such a government not only tramples all over the rights of everyone to the right, but also of the left themselves. If you're not a big wig in that kind of government, then you don't get to enjoy the relative immunity from such personal intrusion. In other words, people on the left are actually willing to give up their own freedom for some reason.

Is it because they actually believe that such a government will always be compassionate or benevolent to the needs of the people and would never really endanger anyone's freedom to express themselves? No, I doubt that is the reason; there are too many examples of how that simply isn't the case. When a government is able to regulate people's lives unchecked, it gets out of hand rather quickly, and there is no compassion whatsoever to be found. Take these recent examples for instance:

A town in Connecticut is threatening to take away a little girl's pet bunny. Seriously. Not because the bunny is going around biting people or killing the neighbor's gardens...just because they don't think the family's property is being kept up well enough. So, to force the family to make their property more pristine, they are evoking some obscure regulation that requires a property to be 2 acres to keep "livestock". The bunny is a pet, not a farm animal, and they neither breed nor sell other bunnies. So anyone with a brain would understand that the animal is just a pet.

But not a bureaucratic regulation-happy government. They want the family to make some home repairs...not that some peeling paint or a sloppy shed really hurts anyone, but the government wants it to be done, for the family's "own good" I suppose. So they suspend any modicum of compassion or humanity and threaten to take away a little girl's pet bunny. It makes you wonder who actually makes a decision like that. "Well, if that family will not paint their house to our standards, we will punish their little girl. That will show them not to mess with government!". It actually is a bit sickening to think about. And it makes you wonder if bureaucrats actually have souls.

But that's not all! There's more! You might have heard about this one: A man in Oregon has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $1500 fine for collecting rain water for use around the house...on his own property. Apparently, there is some obscure 100 year old regulation that prohibits "illegal reservoirs" on personal property.

You have to go through a few steps on that one. First, someone had to think of a reason why people shouldn't collect rain water for personal use in one of the wettest states in the country. Then, a hundred years later, someone had to interpret buckets in a guy's yard as "illegal reservoirs". Then, someone, with a straight face, had to actually charge the guy with a crime. Then, an actual judge had to not only allow such a charge in their courtroom, but also persecute it to the fullest extent of the law. Compassion? Nope. Considering the situation? Nope. Having no soul? Check.

So, we could say to the left: "there's your compassionate nanny state government in action, you idiots!". And they would probably try to defend this silliness using leaps of logic not even Superman could match. And they would do so, fully knowing that such bureaucratic foolishness is indefensible. So, why does the left want that kind of government? is a question of responsibility.

What one thing does just about everything the left believes about the individual have in common? Exactly. That the individual should not be responsible for his or her behavior. That to prevent pregnancy, the government should provide contraception, and when that doesn't work, abortion. Not that the individual should not engage in a sexual lifestyle that causes unwanted pregnancies.

Or to keep people fed, clothed, and housed, the government should provide all of that, not that the individual should work hard for it. Or that the government should provide for an education as far as someone wants to go, whether they work for it or not. Or that criminals are "victims" too. Or that guns are evil. It isn't the person that kills someone, it's the gun!

No matter what, leftists don't want to acknowledge any kind of personal responsibility. It is far easier to have an overbearing government simply tell you how to live your life, and when things don't go your way, you automatically have that same government to blame for it...not yourself. Because the last thing a leftist would ever want to bear is personal blame for their own problems. Better a government full of "smart" people to tell you what to eat, drink, wear, and even what to think, than to take personal responsibility. That is why the left is so willing to have a nanny state. The simplest way to avoid all of that personal responsibility is to simply remove the roots of it:

Individual liberty and freedom.

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