Friday, August 24, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: august 24, 20-12

  • This just in from the department of irony

  • By the time you read this I should have drank enough with my pants off to not be able to read this.
          Its not that I’m an alcoholic, it’s just that I have a lot of sadness to work out.

         A lot of sadness

         To work out.

  • Keln brought up this gem by Anderson Cooper.  Here is the thing about journalism.  You have to do that all the time.  I’m happy he did that with D-Shultz… but he’s got to do that with republicans also.

  • Every time a liberal uses the term Repuglican, or some variation of that… I really feel like punching them.  Its not that they can’t have their own opinion, its just they sound SO STUPID when they do that.

  • I really miss Andrew Breitbart.  I never met the guy, but what he did was just so great.  I still read the web site all the time, but Red Eye is just not the same without him.

  • If you like hardcore punk, check this out.  You can say you liked them before anyone else did.  Warning NSFW.

  • By the way, no one worry about me.  I’m taking the weekend off.  I've been working too hard on to many things to even pretend to write something I care about for you to not read.
          That may sound bitter, but its not.  I just thought you were owed an explanation.

          However I will be back on Monday with my new angst written article.

  • Good night.

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