Friday, September 14, 2012

Can They Unionize Stupid?

How did Andrew Breitbart do it? How did he constantly run after and fight back against jerks like this? I'm trying to figure this out. It really surprises me that the guy didn't die of a heart attack sooner then he did.

It really bothers me because well, the obvious crazy that goes on with this. Really republican party is like Pol Pot? So the GOP wants to put people in forced labor camps that would end up resulting in the death of nearly 21% of the population? He's going to become paranoid and murder thousands of people based on his paranoia? This makes perfect sense to me. I actually lost count of how many work camps Bush tried to set up only to have them vetoed by democrats.

This is what we deal with on a daily basis. Their leaders say things like this, but we are called the crazy one's when some old misguided woman says “take your government hands off my medicare”. A quote that was probably taken out of context to begin with. What kind of a context do you need with Hoffa though?

A few years ago after Bob King was elected head of the UAW he called for protests in front of the dealerships of Japanese auto company’s. A move that was as pointless as It was... well pointless. What on earth can a Mazda dealership in Duluth Minnesota do about unionization?

Short answer, nothing.

But they did it anyway. They wasted union funds in order to rally up union support. This move netted the union a grand total of 0 new union jobs. I would also venture to guess that the non union auto plants in America are pretty happy with the way things are going these days. There haven't been too many stories of Toyota plants sitting idle, but I can think of a few union plants that do it on a regular basis.

With all of this being said, I don't have a large problem with private company’s being unionized. I would prefer if none of them would, but this stupidity needs to end now.

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