Monday, September 24, 2012

I am Joe: Thoughts of a Special VP

I am Sam Joe
I am sad today.  I think boss is mad at me.  I drawed him a picture of me and him holding hands in flower field and one of sad Romney crying cause he lost, but they are not on the ice box.
I did not mean to kill the South African embasador.  I just want to help.  The guard dogs keep going away forever.  They are almost all gone now.  Boss says no one knows why.  So I want to make a better guard dog.  Aligators scare me, but they are too big.  
I saw a pygmie hippo at the zoo.  I thought pygmie aligators would make good, scary guard dog.  And I do not think boss likes to eat aligators, so that is good.
So I wanted to make a pygmie aligator.  Turns out if you try and mate a pygmie and an aligator you do not get a pygmie aligator.  You just get a mad aligator and a dead pygmie.  How was I supposed to know the pygmie was South African embasador? He could not even talk right.  He just clicked at me with his tongue.  It was funny.

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