Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keln's Even Deeper Thoughts: Senary

• I've really been wanting to write a great piece lately, and kind of came to the conclusion that I had writer's block.

  But, I don't really have writer's block. After thinking about it, it's just that there are too many things to write about right now. It's overloading my brain at the moment. I mean...Obama has said like fifty things just in the past week I could write about. Plus the terrorist attacks on embassies, Jay Carney's head spinning in circles explaining it, the Obama Flag, Obama on the view while avoiding Bibi, Ahmadinejad saying crazy things (cool people say "cray" instead of "crazy"...because they are stupid), kids revolting because of Michelle Obama's communist flavored lunches...it's just all too much to process at once.

  As a (amateur) writer of political satire and the like, I'm in the same situation as a woman in a jewelry store who can pick any one thing for free. So many shinys...

• Not that I am being sexist and saying that all women love jewelry...but I haven't met one that didn't yet, so that's all I can go on.

• I pretty much just made this post tonight to write the above lame excuse for my not writing much lately.

• And also to use the word "senary".

• So it is starting to become a thing where all of us who write here at NP do these "thoughts" pieces, which everyone knows is just a lame rip-off of IMAO's Frank J's "random thoughts". Except his are really funny.

  Ours are just more random, and oft times awkward.

• So, I am now studiously avoiding talking about the above-mentioned recent events...because I just had a lot of ideas about them. Stay tuned for some stuff from me!

• Never mind. Just saw another shiny.


  1. if you want to see awkward put a pretty girl in front of me.

    actually yeah you are right mine is a rip off of that. I started it because I wanted to do 3 posts a day and it was the only way I could do it.