Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lactose's Intolerant Opinions

(Formerly known as Shallow Thoughts but renamed to avoid a copyright infringement lawsuit from walkingdead.  I live to obey and serve, oh Puppetmaster.  For now).

I guess the new cool thing is to take a picture of yourself with a message written to Obama on your hands.  I’d like to take a picture of my hands with a message for him.  Wouldn’t even need a Sharpie.  Just two fingers.
Even though I really don’t want a second Obama term, I think I’d really miss him and Joe just because they are so mockable.  I hope they hang around after losing and keep trying to mess things up like Jimmy Carter did.
Speaking of Carter, I wonder how hard it is to train a rabbit to attack, and how hard it is to sneak it into an Obama function.
Would Barak cower behind Michelle or Joe?
I know I’d hide behind Joe.  You ever seen him in a petting zoo?  The carnage was Steinbeckian.  Lennie Small on PCP.
But just in case I do make it to an Obama dinner, what wine goes best with Bijon Fricassee?
And I do so hope I get to sit at Joe’s table. Every time he says something stupid, everyone has to take a shot.
It’s not a game.  It’s just to make sure no one can remember what Joe said the following morning.
Wow.  Is it time for my meds already?
Til later, derka derka.


  1. I'm not apple... I would never have a problem with you taking my stuff.

  2. hahaha. I was pretty sure I was safe. I'm just messing around. I can be kind of weird sometimes.