Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nuking Politics Needs Your Help: Stav Blackmane Edition

I am hoping to meet with Stav Blackmane sometime in the near future, most likely in Livonia or Grand Rapids Michigan (his travel schedule will determine when and where, and apparently parts of late September and most of October are still a bit fluid), but in the meantime he’s agreed to let me “interview” him, per se, via email. I’m sure there will be a bit of “back and forth”, and that I’m going to have to collate the exchange into something coherent, but I want to hit him up front with a good set of questions that will hopefully be so much better than the session he had with  Keln, he and I become BFF’s.

I also told him that I was going to solicit questions from our readers, which is what I want to do here. Blackmane’s only request along those lines is that we “not throw him softballs, unless they’re funny”. I’m guessing “briefs or boxers” would be out of bounds (I don’t know, and I really don’t want to know, well I kinda do), but a good setup line would probably be OK. However, I would prefer the questions be serious and difficult.

So here’s your chance to get in on the interview. I’ll be choosing which questions to forward, but the man can obviously read so it is a safe bet he’ll see anything submitted as comments, and I’m thinking there’s an even bet he may end up addressing questions that aren’t on my “selected” list. Time will tell.
Although I reserve the right to “revise and extend my own remarks”, here’s how I currently plan to start off:

#1     You obviously didn’t win the Republican nomination, and most people have never even heard of you, so why do you seem to still be trying to position yourself as a “real” candidate – the whole “dark horse” thing – rather than as a running gag along the lines that people like Steven Colbert and, I think, Dave Barry have done in the past? (My apologies to Dave Barry if I’m misremembering. But my bigger apologies for the show based on his writing in the early 90’s)

#2     What makes you think you’re qualified to hold the Office of the Presidency, should a truly major miracle happen – given that as of today you do not appear on any state’s ballot as far as my research has been able to determine – and you somehow end up winning?

#3     Assuming that something a little less miraculous happens this November, and either Obama or Romney ends up being elected, do you have any further political aspirations?

#4      Where do you see our country headed? (My follow-up questions will of course be determined by his answer.)

#5      ?  This is the part where you come in, this question mark represents your question.

Come on, Nukers! Fire your best, smokin’-fast hardballs into the comments, and we’ll see what happens.  Ask the sort of questions you’ve always wanted the press to ask, but they JUST NEVER DO.  I’ll let this cook for a few days and see what there is to draw from (don’t let me down!), and if this Blackmane person really wants to be a politician, and claims to not be simply giving lip service to the “a different kind of politician” catchphrase, let’s make him really EARN the position, whatever that one day might be.

And remember – he asked for it!

Link to teaser of Part 1
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  1. 1) On Gun Control: Should all Americans be manditorially armed with .4x caliber handguns or would you allow smaller caliber guns for girly hands?

    2) On Middle East Politics: Should we just ignore them butchering each other, or do the humanitarian thing and nuke them from orbit to be sure?

    3)Tax Policy: How does he feel about sending IRS agents to celebrities' houses at 1 AM for surprise audits after they make statements like "I think we need to pay more in taxes..."

    4) Corporate Welfare: Any CEO of a company getting money from the government directly is required to make a sex tape once a year. I mean, we might as well see how we are getting screwed. How does he feel about that?

    5) Who is hotter? Megyn Kelly or Patti Ann Brown

  2. Patti Ann Brown gets my vote, but I'm not running for president.

  3. How do you plan on dealing with Congress? Not all of them share your views, you know.

  4. If you would, please answer a question that was above Obama's pay grade: In your opinion, does life start at conception, or does it start later, at birth?
    Since Obama interfered with established bankruptcy law in the case of GM, and stiffed the bond holders in favor of the UAW, would you consider confiscating every share of GM stock from the UAW and give that stock to the bondholders of record when GM filed for bankruptcy?
    If you are elected, do you intend to have Obama and Holder arrested and turned over to the Mexican government for their part in Fast and Furious and the subsequent cover-up?
    If you are elected, what do you intend to do about Iran's continued enrichment of uranium and their continued quest for nuclear weapons?
    Since "entitlement" programs are not mentioned in the Enumerated Powers in the Constitution, and since the "entitlement" programs are not sustainable and are bankrupting the country, how would you reform those programs to move able bodies people, male and female, off of those programs and into productive jobs?
    Given that creating "money" out of thin air, whether by printing more currency or creating deposits by computer, always results in hyperinflation and the destruction of the currency, what is your solution to the current myopic "quantitative easing" being practiced by the Treasury Department and the Fed?
    Do you intend to audit the Fed?
    Do you intend to stop subsidies to entities such as Amtrak?
    Do you intend to reverse ethanol mandates?
    Given that the NLRB is no longer a neutral referee between labor and management, and has become an advocate for the Unions, do you intend to disestablish the NLRB?
    Given that the EPA has repeatedly ignored science and their scientific advisers and made decisions based on pseudoscience and the political agenda of the Left (e.g. banning DDT, regulating carbon dioxide, etc.), do you intend to disestablish the EPA and turn over environmental quality decisions to the States where such belong according to the 10th Amendment?

  5. I'm too lazy to scroll up so could you spell your name for me so I can do a write in vote for you?

  6. Here are some more questions for Mr. Blackmane.
    Do you want to continue tax support for NPR? For the Corporation for Public Broadcasting? For the National Endowment for the Arts? For the National Endowment for the Humanities?
    Would you want to remove all Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood?
    Given the propensity for the Department of Energy to block all energy exploration, would you advocate eliminating the Department?
    Given that education responsibilities are reserved to the States under the 10th Amendment, would you advocate eliminating the Department of Education?
    How would you reform Social Security so that it will become viable?
    How would you reform "entitlement" programs in order to break the cycle of dependency demonstrated by multiple generations of welfare recipients?
    Given that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has far exceeded their charter and become an agency for violating weapons ownership rights of the citizens, as expressed by the Second Amendment, would you recommend the elimination of BATFE?
    How would you reform the tax code? Would you recommend the "Fair Tax", the Flat Tax, or a modification of the current "progressive" tax? Why?
    Do you believe that cell phone ownership and/or cable tv and/or internet service is a "right"? If so, why do you consider any or all to be a "right"?

  7. BORDERS: What would be your general policy on border security. More specifically, how would you handle the clusterf**k on our southern border?

  8. MIDDLE EAST: What steps would you take to prevent Israel from being wiped off the face of the Earth, and the Middle East from turning into one super-gigantic camel flea-ridden Islamic hate-fest bent on world domination, all unified under the leadership of, oh, I don't know....say, Homer Simpson?

    You're peaceful presidential slumber is interrupted at 2am, and you're informed that the reanimated corpses of Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Nikita Krushchev and Leonid Brezhnev are rampaging in a major American city: what do you do, sir? What do you do?

  10. I think He's got a few questions to answer here. I will have to go over them and feed him all and see what he gives back.