Monday, September 24, 2012

Should have been obvious...

I realized something this weekend.  THIS (grasps belly with both hands, shakes) isn't "fat". By which I mean of course it is, but there's a larger issue... This isn't fat, per se; but rather I think it's how my body stores anger. I don't mean to sound like I'm abandoning the whole "personal responsibility" angle, but a Romney win would really help me drop the weight. On the other hand, the whole "complete economic collapse" guaranteed by a second Obama term might as well, but I'm not into starvation diets.
The Left hasn't given up on lying (and they never will), but have you noticed they're also starting to tell the truth on occasion?  Like the YardSaleForObama thing (hat tip: Harvey); It's good to see them opening up about the whole "fence stolen goods for Obama" angle.  Nothing says "OK, we admit it" like an official campaign advertisement.
Speaking of leftists telling the truth, I'm worried about Joe Biden.

I've thought for a long time that the "gaffes" we enjoy mocking him for aren't really gaffes at all. I suspect he isn't misspeaking, but rather he's relaying the truth as he understands it.  In other words, it isn't Biden's mouth that's broken, its his Reality.

And though I abhor almost everything he stands for, I can't throw stones at the guy for having his mind shattered by what he's been through. He'll never have my vote, but he has my sympathy because in my opinion what broke both his mind and his faith would likely have destroyed me entirely. Please understand - I'm not defending Biden - that's not possible while sane - I'm just saying that after all these years we're still seeing the results of him having his young family destroyed in a car wreck, and I can't say I would have done any better. 

While nobody should ever be elected on a sympathy vote (and sadly that happens from time to time), and while I consider Biden completely unfit to serve, I don't hate the guy and in fact feel rather sorry for him. For his sake, and for ours, we need him off the national stage. So if you like Biden at all, or even feel just a little bit of pity, do the right thing - vote for Romney!
“Telemachus blinked and looked around the dark room, looking for the goddess, but she had disappeared, leaving for lofty Olympus after delivering her warning to the young man.  Telemachus turned and nudged Nestor’s son from his sweet sleep, saying ‘Up sleepyhead! Get up, Peisistratus. Yoke the swift-footed horses to our chariot and let’s be on our way.’”
Homer – The Odyssey

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