Saturday, September 29, 2012

This Is Really Big

Something really huge happened today. I know, it's a Saturday and all, and usually not much happens on a Saturday that is worth posting about, but this is pretty big.

You're probably wondering...what could have happened that is so big, on a weekend? Well...

Ohio State beat Michigan State. That's what. GO BUCKS!

Walkingdead, I hope you're feeling better and all man...but HAHAHA! We win! You lose!


  1. it was one point... you beat us by one point.

    this is also the year we lost our defensive cowardenator, our winningest quarterback, and a ton of recivers and guys on the O line.

    live it up, you beat a team that's rebuilding.

  2. Considering, for once this year, Ohio State actually played better than their final score...

    Seriously, Ohio State is rebuilding too...first year with this coach, players that were never recruited for a Meyer spread O.

    Anyways, was a good game. At least your team can go to a bowl game and the B1G championship. We're just playing for...I dunno what. Just to win I guess.

  3. they way my boys have been playing this year, we're looking at the little Caesars pizza bowl.