Wednesday, October 17, 2012

50,000 Page Views

As Walkingdead keeps pointing out lately, we have been rapidly approaching the 50,000 page views mark. I'm happy to say that we have now reached and surpassed that milestone as of 10:32 PM lastnight.

I'm not sure why it is a milestone, but if Walkingdead thinks so, I'm game.

Since we have reached a milestone, it's time to recap a bit about the history of Nuking Politics:

• Nuking Politics was founded in 1878 by an Irish immigrant to America named Connor O'Keln.

• Nuking Politics, written solely by O'Keln was a quarterly pamphlet that was not in circulation for very long, as in 1878, nobody had ever heard of a president who eats dogs and is named Obama.

• 100 years later, Keln, who is of no relation to O'Keln, or something, was born and attempted to reform the old political periodical as a blog. But being only 0 years old, and that the internet and blogging had not been created yet, Keln had to wait.

• In May of 2012, the aspiring blogger Keln (that would be me) finally established the blog Nuking Politics.

• Beginning with a staff of one, Keln, an ardent capitalist, quickly realized that finding other people to write good stuff in Nuking Politics style, an then just raking in the profits from advertising made more sense than simply writing a lot every day by himself.

• This, in capitalist jargon, is defined as "winning".

• The co-bloggers Walkingdead, Lactose the Intolerant, and Hunter were added to the team to bring about Keln's dream of not doing much himself but counting the money that rolls in. And spending it on frivolous things.

• In five months, Nuking Politics garnered 50,000 page-views, a milestone set by Walkingdead that sounds good, but has little actual relevance. Other than how that increases Keln's advertisement income.

• Depending on what math you use, it is 10,000 page-views per month.

• If you use Obama math, it is -5,000,000,000,000 page-views per month.

So there you go. Nuking Politics is a success story. Thanks to our readers, our wonderful team of co-bloggers, and my brilliance.

But mostly my brilliance.


  1. Hahahaha your brilliance and your narcissism...oops I mean confidence.

  2. Congrats - that is awesome.

    Bet you hit 100K before New Year's Day.

    1. Thanks Harvey. I'd be lying if I didn't say you and IMAO weren't a major part of that success.