Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

• Yay! NP hit 50,000 total page views last night.

  Walkingdead sees that as important.

• So, I am sure everyone watched that debate last night. And of course, the majority of the media is calling it a big win for Obama, even though it wasn't.

  Romney did fine, Obama did better than the last time, the moderator picked questions that weren't too awfully hard for Obama, and they had a town hall type debate in a heavy leftist area of the country.

  Not exactly home-field advantage for Romney, but as I said, he did pretty well.

• The left and their media puppets are all "Oh, snap!" about when Romney challenged Obama on his comments following the Benghazi attack. Romney said that Obama waited two weeks to admit it was a terrorist attack, while Obama claimed he said that it was in his initial remarks following it. The debate moderator "confirmed" this for Obama, and Chrissy Tingles, et al, rejoiced.

  Except, Obama didn't actually declare the Benghazi embassy attack to be a terrorist attack...until two weeks later as Romney had said. All Obama said was "a terrorist attack will not shake our resolve", or something to that effect.

  So, he mentioned the word terror, but not with Benghazi. Talk about covering your tail. And of course, the media considers the debate a win for Obama all based on that one little thing.

  Well, what ever makes Chrissie's leg tingle like old times I guess.

• Honestly, we were so close to an actual fight in this debate. I so wanted a boxing match to break out. That would really be therapeutic for this country, to see these two just duke it out like real men.

  But Obama isn't a real man, so who am I kidding?

• In a lot of ways, this debate reminded me of the Keynes and Hayek round 2 video, with Obama being Keynes and Romney being Hayek.

  It really didn't matter what Romney did or said, or how many times he pointed out Obama's failure for the past four years. Obama was slated to win, no matter what.

• Carry on.

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