Friday, October 26, 2012

Ask Walkingdead Anything

Its time for another edition of ASK WALKINGDEAD ANYTHING.  This edition I actually got some questions, so I don't have to make them all up.  Be warned though, I will make up some of them.

Question #1
Keln asks:
Being a big fan of soup...what's your favorite soup recipe?

A:  That's a very good question.
1 medium onion chopped
1 pound of ground italian sausage (I use spicy sausage)
3 3 large potatoes diced
10 cups of water and 5 chicken flavored bouillon cubes, or 10 cups of chicken stock (your choice, I've done both and don't notice much of a difference)
1 pint of heavy whipping cream
1 handful of kale

chop the onions, dice the potatoes and brown the sausage.  combine all ingredients in a crock pot and let simmer for 4-6 hours.  use salt and pepper to taste.  when its finished add the heavy whipping cream to the pot and a few sprinkles of kale to your bowl.

This is basically Zuppa Toscana from the Olive Garden, but I love making it.

Question #2
Anonymous asks:
What do you do when you care about someone and they say care about you, but you can feel them slipping away?

A:  This is a very tough question.  I've been in this situation many times and it's always a difficult one.  Honestly all you can really do is let them go.  It doesn't mean you have to stop caring about them, or being a friend to them, but you have to move on with your own life.  It's not fair to you to cling to some ideal about a relationship (friendly or romantic) when you aren't getting out of it what you're putting into it.

We all have had that person in our lives from time to time that we wanted to "save", unfortunately only they can save themselves.  It's easier said than done I know.  I've failed at it every time, but in the long run you will see it was the right choice.

Question #3
Anonymiss asks:
If there was no beer to be had, what would you drink?

A:  I would probably take some water, hops, and barley then combine that with yeast and some sugar and make a drink from that.

Question #4
Bary Obamstereous asks:
Lets say for the sake of argument that you're running  for a second term as president, and lets say that you're losing in the polls because you're bad at your job and people only like you because you speak well.  What would you do to fix things?

A:  That's easy, the first thing I would do (assuming I had time) would be to point out the actual victories in my tenure as president.  Sure republicans don't like Obamsteeouscare, or the stimulous, but millions of Americans are dumb enough to think that those were good things.  I only say this because you did get a first term on these promises, so you should get a second term based on similar promises.

that's all for this edition.  Take ya'll!


  1. So, to sum up, walkingdead is an beer drinker who can cook, is politically aware and has a sensitive heart. He also chose to ignore about half of my questions. Hmmm. Still deciding how I feel about that.

  2. Ha! Zuppa Toscana is like one of my favorites. We've tried several recipes but it never comes out quite right. I'll have to try your recipe.