Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fun Facts: Chris Mathews Edition

Recently Chris Mathews stuck his precious foot in his big stupid mouth when he accused Sara Palin of racism for using a term he already has used on at least on occasion.

I thought it would be nice to bring up some fun facts about Chris Mathews for everyone to know how super un-racist the guy really is.

  • Christopher John Mathews was born December 17th 1945

  • His first words were “Dog Whistle”.

  • He routinely seeks out new and racist things to say, so that in the future when someone else says them, he knows what their intent is.

  • In 1972 Chris Mathews met his fist black person.

  • He tipped him higher than he normally would for parking his car.

  • To prove to his date that he wasn't racist he didn't even take the change out of the ashtray.

  • On 3 different occasions Chris Mathews killed a guy.  

  • He takes great pride in pointing out that although they were all black, none of them were killed because they were black.

  • In 1983 Chris Mathews met his 3rd black person.  4th if you don't count the first two he killed.

  • He bragged to several Washington insiders about how he didn't strangle the life out of him because he's not racist.