Monday, October 1, 2012

I finally had an apolitical weekend...

Looks like I missed the gravy boat this weekend. Wait... Gravy train, sorry. The gravy boat was that thing I spilled all over- never mind. Reboot.

Looks like I missed the "apolitical weekend" at NP, and oddly enough, by missing it I apparently contributed to it.  It was that sort of weekend.  Here's a wrap-up, and needless to say - it was all Obama's fault.

Lots of rain – finally!  But… the resulting ground fault error knocked out the circuit my greenhouse and aquaponics rigs are on, so… about 20 dead “finally large enough to eat after all this time” tilapia. Meh.  Fortunately, that’s not all of them, or even the lion’s share (stay AWAY from my fish, you darn lions!), but it still stinks. Double entendre!

Let’s see, what else?  Oh, yeah, Obama and administration continued sucking and in fact ramped up the suckitude considerably. Did you see that on the news?  Yeah, so did I, and I was stunned.  I mean, of course they didn’t word it as such, but there was pretty much no hiding the reality.

Seriously, if just READING the list of scandals this guy is or has been involved with is such a chore it makes Andy Kaufman's stab at "The Great Gatsby" look like soft-boiled slack, how is it that ANYONE capable of successfully guiding a spoon into their own mouth could end up voting for him??? I just don't get it. And to the NSA, let me stress that I'm using the word "stab" there figuratively, and solely with regards to the late Mr. Kaufman's activities.

I remembered something from a few centuries past (or so it seems), back when I was in college and jousting with the Illuminati (by which I mean “reading certain books that I would seriously not recommend to anyone, but which at the time made me feel cool and dangerous and edgy to read, and thank God above I finally grew out of THAT stage”) I learned that not only did Baraka (by various spellings, but that’s the most basic) mean “blessing” or “life”, etc., but that the syllables “Ba Ra Ka” were the tri-part components, which, thanks to Google, now point me to an “erotic nudes reprint” store on eBay (thanks, Google! Grrrr…), which made me totally lose my train of thought.  Where the heck was I going with this?  Oh yeah!  So if “Baraka” means “blessing” or “life”, etc., wouldn’t “Barack” mean something like “an incomplete blessing” or “a broken life”, or something along those lines?  So was his mother, Stanley Commie Something-or-other-depending-on-the-year trying to be accurate, or did she catch a brief glimmer through the haze and try to give us a warning?  I don’t know.  It’s all just too boring to contemplate.

Let’s vote him out and be done with it.

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