Friday, October 12, 2012

I Get To Be Person #293929394839 To Give My Thoughts On The Debate.

Well all I can say is, "thank God VP debates don't matter".  I don't want to say anything crazy like Joe crushed it.  I think his jerky jerk attitude really held him back for that.  I am very disappointed in Paul.  yeah I called him Paul and not Paul Ryan, or congressman Ryan.  I think I earned that lack of formality.

I thought he missed a huge opportunity to bring up the mischaracterization of Mitt in regards the the auto industry.  How Mitt actually said to put GM in a managed bankruptcy.  You know the exact same thing Obama ended up doing... only I would venture a guess Mitt would have done it without the huge conflict of interest this administration put there.

I know I'm outside the norm with my thoughts, but all jerkiness aside I think Biden made a better case.  Just take emotion out of it for a second and look at what they actually said.  Biden got more done.

I still love Pauls eyes though.


  1. Agreed.
    About the eyes.
    What can I say??? We Wisconsinites are just polite.

  2. I agree. Were it not for Biden's obnoxious buffoonery, Biden would have won on points. Paul was too Wisconsin nice, and let Biden and Martha control the dialog too much. There were plenty of times when Paul should have and could have pushed back hard at the blatant yarns Biden was spinning, such as his claim not to have voted for war in both Iraq and Afghanistan (and on the price tag, no less. I don't recall anyone every bellyaching about the pricetag until long after the wars had been going, and since when does a Dem ever consider price?) and the clear obfuscation on Libya. I got bored and fell asleep shortly after the foreign policy stuff, but I'm sure my opinion is valid for the remainder of the debate as well since my narcissism won't allow me to believe I could be mistaken.