Friday, October 12, 2012

I am Joe: Thoughts of a Special VP - Bill

I am Joe
Today was fun.  Uncle Bill came by.  I like him.  He gives me cigars.  Well, he used to give me cigars.  One time I burned off my hair plugs.  I had to get new ones.  Now boss won’t let him give me cigars.  But he does sometimes anyway.  Don’t tell the boss.  He gives me other presents too.  Sometimes I see him hide in a closet with a girl.  He gives me a little chocolate dog with a gold wrapper.  If I promise not to tell.  He calls them hush puppies.  He is funny.
Today he did a neat thing to me.  He waved his hands in front of my face.  There was nothing in them.  Then he reached into my ear and pulled a quarter out of it.
I had to call nanny to change me.  He let me keep the quarter.  He is a nice man.  I clapped.  Again.  Again, I said.  Then I had two quarters.
I grabbed Uncle Bill’s arm and took him to boss to show him.  Look boss, look.  I said.  Look what Uncle Bill can do.  You don’t have to worry now.  Now we can pay for Obamacare.  And give the Japanamen back their money.
Boss was happy.  He laughed and said he was lucky to have a VP as special as I am.  Missus Boss told facebook about me.  It got 17 likes.  Aunt Nancy commented.  Missus Boss read it to me.  I copied what she said here.  It said “Big Joey B is getting soooooooo smat. More realistic than Harry's tax plan or QE3. LOL”
Today was fun.

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