Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Surprise Election Countdown: 14

I've been hearing a lot of rumors about a big October surprise coming that will really be devastating for Romney.  I've also noticed that these types of surprises tend to occur on a regular four year cycle and tend to be aimed at the right.  I think it is time to change that.  I'm going to be counting down to the election day with a daily October surprise for Obama (Don't say it. I know some of these will be in November. Geez, I'm not looking for a semantic argument here. Work with me).  Spread these certificably true and troubling surprises to anyone you know who might be unintelligent enough to consider voting for Obama again.

For the 1st Surprise of October Obama Gave to Me:
In a recent interview with Britt Hume, Britt recalled the story of a former Obama aide that stated the President didn’t like people.  Britt asked President Obama, “Is that true? Do you really not like people?”  Obama answered, “It depends upon how they are prepared.”


  1. Well, unless Donald "The Donald" Trump is just blowing smoke...which has happened many times...he will have an October Surprise for Obama tomorrow.

    Some big announcement he says will rock the election.

    With Trump, there is no way of knowing what it could be, or if it will even be newsworthy.

    Problem is, sometimes it is newsworthy, so you can't just ignore him.

    1. It looks like Donald turned out to be a dud this time.