Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post Debate Quickie: Moving To The Left

Am I crazy for thinking Romney looked kinda like the guy we all wanted him to look like?  People gave him some junk for moving to the left but I'm not sure how.  the biggest one that comes to mind was when Obama talked about his tax proposal will add 5 trillion to the debt, and Romney said if it adds to the debt he wouldn't do it.

how is proposing a plan and not doing it if it's bad moving to the left?

The other day I brought my lunch to work, but people were going to Jimmy Johns and I thought that sounded better so I did that instead.  I guess I moved to the left also.


  1. I thought the whole thing about Jimmy Johns was that they come to you.

  2. yeah but you have to pay for delivery. plus there is a cute girl who works at the one we go to and I like to look at her, and think about what it would be like if my looks weren't comparable to a 1920's circus geek.