Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post Debate Wrap Up

Watched the debate last night with the kids.  Didn’t have much choice since it preempted pretty much everything else, and it was required viewing for Social Studies.   Like usual, we watched it with the mute on and let the kids make up the dialog, so I can’t say for sure that I hated the performance of the moderator, but I think that is pretty much a given. They always seem to ask the wrong questions.  If I were the moderator, these are the questions I would want to see Obama try and answer:

·         Why are you never seen at the same time as Rupaul?
·         Just what is in that jar beneath your bed labeled: Souls?
·         Why did you spend over three hours in your changing room, and why did you come out two inches shorter and hairless?
·         Why do you sometimes refer to yourself as Linda Goldstein?
·         Why does the laughter of children repulse you so?
·         Why have you never been seen photographed with a chicken or any kind of melon?
·         Why do you have an unexplainable fear of Negroes?
·         Why won't you release the six months worth of e-mail exchanges between yourself and someone known as Saruman?
·         Why do both Sasha and Malia look strikingly like that garbage man who loves you so?
·         Why, though being seen at the beach often, do you never put so much as a toe in the water?
·         Why, for the longest time, did you insist that Michelle and the kids wear tin foil undergarments, while you were going California style?
·         Just what were you sacrificing on that makeshift stone altar in the 17th floor restroom of WT7 on September 10th?
·         Why, if you look very closely at the Apollo landing photographs, can I see the reflection of your full moon on the side of the lander?
·         Why, exactly, did you and Qadaffi use the same Brazilian plastic surgeon?
·         Why were you overheard saying the following to Joe Biden: "Kidnapping is such a loaded term. Think of it as surprise adoption."?
·         Why do you look out the window each night before going to bed and whisper: "Bonobo. I'm ready now."?

Remember, I'm just asking questions.

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