Wednesday, October 10, 2012

State Department Leaks: Benghazi

We found another interesting tidbit among the crumpled documents.  This appears to be a transcript of an IM between Barrak and an unknown individual in Benghazi (Benji).  I'm not sure what to say about this.

Benji: We still on for the big BBQ on the 11th?
Big_Kahuna91: You know it.  I sent you all the ‘fireworks.’
Big_Kahuna91: But, dude, you totally need to change your username.  I can’t stop salivating.
Benji: Pavlov’s dogs, boy. Ding, ding, ding.
Big_Kahuna91: Now that’s just cruel.
Big_Kahuna91: Best be careful or I might send some security out to the consulate after all.
Benji: You couldn’t get your boys to come over here anyway.  Ain’t no booze or hookers.
Benji: Next you’re gonna expect me to believe you’re gonna give them real bullets too?
Big_Kahuna91: Ha ha ha.  We save those for the real threats, like the Tea Party and Big Gulps.
Big_Kahuna91: BTW, you get the vid I sent?  Is it ‘offensive’ enough?
Benji: Still ragin’ dude.  I am so resisting the urge to behead you right now. 
Big_Kahuna91: We’ll load it up on youtube shortly then.
Benji: Praise Allah.  Then I have only one more thing I need to say to you.
Big_Kahuna91: Ya?
Benji: Snoopy
Benji: Rin Tin Tin
Benji: Lassie
Big _Kahuna91: Quit it, bro.  You know I’m on a diet.  Gotta look my best for Letterman and the View.
Benji: Tap Whoopi for me, dog.  You are what you eat.
Big_Kahuna91: Ha ha ha (sarcasm font)


  1. There's an ad on your page that says there's a Friends & Family SALE that includes NAKED products. That disturb anybody else? :)

    1. those ad's are based on your web searches, its what google does.

      so really if it disturbs you, maybe you should clear your web history...

      also, what are you searching for, I like NAKED things.

    2. Geez. I was KIDDING. :P It was the combo of friends and family WITH naked that I thought was funny.

      It's making me wonder what in the world I've been searching for that would make them think I would like that....umm...I can't think of a single thing....

      It sounds like it should have shown up on your page, walkingdead.:P