Monday, October 1, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Monday, October 1, 2012

• So there wasn't a single post yesterday on NP. I think that is a first. Somehow, I think Walkingdead has this idea that there are "sick days". I dunno what part of "no benefits and no pay" he didn't understand.

  No sick days!

• No, really, he was sick, and we all suffered for it. I always look forward to whatever it is he does on Sundays.

  It's great, whatever it is.

  Hope he gets better soon.

• I'm writing this from a phone, so bear with me.

  And I mean the animal. Go maul something.

• Oh noes...those idiots on the left are now talking about bailing out state public unions pensions.

  When will this end? Honestly...

  I mean, at what point will the people that made bad decisions actually have to pay the consequences for those decisions instead of passing that payment on to other people.

  That is really the left's argument for taxation in a nutshell: passing consequences onto other people that had nothing to do with the decisions that caused them.

• At this point, the next big thing will be bailing out the entire state of California, which is losing about a quarter million people a year.

• "Whats that?", you exclaim. "Californ-I-A is losing people?"

  Yes...because when you tax the crap out of people and regulate businesses to the point where they can't actually do business...everyone bails.

  Which is a real "bail out"...

• Really, if anyone questions whether the left's policies work, just look at California. That is a pretty good example of what happens when the left can do anything they want.

• So, when some lefty says anything about how Keynesian economics works or something, just say "California", and then punch them. Because they are probably a hippie, and they are fair game.

• The Democratic Party has a new strategy for raising campaign money: guilt people into it.

  So, if this idea doesn't work, I guess the next step is kidnapping people and ransoming them for campaign contributions. Either that, or threatening to make you see Madonna take her clothes off if Romney wins.

• Ick....

  No, really, that is disgusting. She actually "promised" to do that if Obama wins. Maybe she is actually supporting Romney then.


• Hot Air asks: will the debates even matter?

  I say no. And I also say the polls are dumb, and stupid, and dumb. Basically, none of that stuff matters. Why you might ask?

  Simple...the real thing that matters is how many people actually go to vote during the election. The reason republicans ever win at all is because a good chunk of the democrats' base are lazy good-for-nothing ingrates that don't even know who their guy with a "D" is running against, much less on what day the election is actually held. That is why the dems have to "rock the vote" every election and send vans and busses around to try and find these losers and get them to the polls.

  Anyone who is even remotely interested in politics and loves this country have two things in common:

  1. They won't miss the election for anything. It's a chance to get rid of this idiot Obama.
  2. If they could reach through a phone and choke the pollster calling them, they would. Instead, they settle for just hanging up.

So...polls don't mean crap. What does is that millions of people are ready to vote NOW to get rid of Obama and they don't care about those annoying pollsters calling them. Just give 'em a button already!

• Phew! Carry on.

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