Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Thursday, October 4, 2012

• Well, did you all watch the debate last night? I did...which I don't always do. But let's face it, I am a "blogger" now, and I was just looking for material.

• So, I dunno about this "Obama won" or "Romney won" stuff. All I saw was that the president kept saying he is going to be as crappy as ever, and Romney isn't going to be quite as bad...but not real great either. So, on par, not under it.

• At first, I really thought Romney's kind of creepy-cheesy constant grin at the president and that moderator guy, Lehr, was, well, creepy, and cheesy. Until a really great camera shot of Romney doing it at the president that made it obvious that Romney smiling like that and looking at the president was Mitt's way of saying "Aww, look at Obama, bless his heart, he is such a special person" in the way that someone looks at a retarded puppy with cancer struggling to survive.

• Anyone else think that Jim Lehr looks like a snake-person? He actually has beady eyes. The dude scares me.

• Obama saved himself by interjecting a lot of "umms" and "ahhs" into his speaking parts. Those are where the teleprompter usually tells him what to say.

• Anyone else chuckle a bit when Romney said "the middle class has been getting crushed the last four years"?

• I wish Romney had gone for the jugular, because Obama really left himself open on a lot of things, but I think Romney was trying the tactic of letting Obama say something stupid on his own. I don't think Romney prepared for the president's tactic of saying not much more than umm and ahh.

• Carry on smartly.

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