Friday, October 26, 2012

This Proves I'm Insensitive

Every now and then I see someone who wants to boil down this election to one or two things, like low taxes vs gay marriage.  They want to paint the narrative that conservatives are all just selfish bigots who care about their income over the happiness of others.

To this I say yup pretty much.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm fine with gay marriage.  If it were legalized I would be all for it;  but we need to look at a few facts here.  What this election is really about.

  • The dollar is weak

  • Inflation is rising

  • Gas prices are high

  • Exports are stagnant

  • Import price are rising because, the dollar is weak.

  • I'm still single.

All these problems are Directly caused by the fiscal policies of the president of the united states of America.

If I could be fair, most of these monetary policies were started by the Bush administration  but considering Obama promised hope and change and to not do those things... I say he's an abject failure.

It's time for Mittens!


  1. Wait. Is it Obama's fault you're still single?

    1. So you find that state less than ideal. Hmmmm. Whatcha gonna do about that?

    2. probably just cry myself to sleep over and over again. eventually something will fall into my lap.

    3. oh ya think so, huh? Or you could just elect Romney and he could solve all your problems. I hear Mormons are in favor of marriage.

    4. well Romney does have a binder full of women... so that would be very helpful.

    5. I'll see if I can get you a copy. Me and Mitt, we're buds. In the interest of efficiency, what section of the binder do you want? I think it's divided by profession, or IQ or something boring like that. It's Mitt, so they might be rated by cooking abilities...

    6. Of course. Let's see how well you do.