Friday, October 12, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Friday, October 12, 2012

• Did you watch that debate last night? I did. And, at least at the time, the pundits were all like "Biden won" and "Biden was just being Biden". Since when does Biden get a pass for being a completely clueless jerk?

  Last time I checked, winning a debate is done by taking control of the debate through a superior argument of the debate issues. Watch the previous Romney-Obama debate for an example of this. All Biden did was laugh at rather awkward times while Ryan was speaking, and respond with pretty inane things. That isn't was just distracting.

• And I bet most people didn't catch a big Biden-gaffe during the debate. It was about Iran and nuclear weapons. He actually said that Iran "isn't close" to a nuclear weapon and that they might have a bunch of weapons grade uranium, but "no bomb to put it in". As if building the bomb is the hard part.

  Ever heard of the Manhattan project? It was the project to produce America's first atomic weapons during WWII. It used something like 1/8th of all electrical power produced in the U.S. at the time, and also a significant chunk of the U.S. GDP to fund. What did all of that go into? Building structural bomb parts?

  No. Enriching uranium. It is the material that produces the nuclear blast that is the hard part. Not the development of the bomb part. That is easy and just a matter of engineering. It is explained well enough on Wikipedia for Iran to use weapons grade material to make a bomb.

  But Biden was all "oh, Iran will never make a bomb, don't worry about it. Let's talk about healthcare".

• Basically Ryan spanked Biden on foreign policy. Anyone who says anything contrary to that is just a big Obama supporter.

  In fact, I don't really see where Ryan flubbed at all. He could have done better on some points, but he kept getting interrupted by Biden's cackling and noise-making.

• I tuned in to see Biden act like a clown, and that is what I got. I guess I should be satisfied.

• Carry on.

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  1. Ryan was composed, polite and well informed. Biden tried to bully Ryan with his insistent misinformation. I had nightmares about his ridiculous goofy smile. The whole thing reminded me of an interaction I had recently where I was expected to control myself and act like an adult and the other person just let loose with random information littered with lies. The bomb thing was obvious even to me. What kind of man do we want second in command? No contest.