Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: October 16, 20-12

  • If you're ever at an auto convention and need to find the German company... look for the booth with a bunch of people who look like they would have made Hitler proud.

         $5 says its them.

        We should hit 50,000 page views tonight, maybe even before this goes live.

         To our 50,000 reader; CONGRATULATIONS!

        We don't have any prizes or anything for you, but if you e-mail Keln he may send a thank you letter.

         The operative word is “may”.
  • I wish I was the type of guy who could pull of cologne.

         Even though I'm half Polish I just don't think I've got enough of that eastern European look.
  • Romney should just give it up NOW.

         This Honey Boo Boo endorsement is the final nail in the coffin.

         Honestly I'm considering quitting blogging because of this.
        Not because of the endorsement, but because I'm someone with talent and I'm also reasonably not bad looking, at least in comparison.

        I'm also not a crazy redneck.

       And this girl has a TV show, and all I have is a blog with 50,000 page views and a few really nice bottles of beer.
  • Good night


  1. "I'm also reasonably not bad looking". That seems at odds with comments you've made about your looks in the past....maybe a photo is in order? and we blog readers can vote? Don't you agree Keln? Lactose?

    1. Check out some of his phoning it in posts on Sundays, where he does a video. You can see him in all of his "reasonably not bad looking" glory.

  2. well I mean I don't look like I've had acid thrown in my face.