Thursday, October 4, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: October 4, 20-12

  • So I have a new tradition. Taco's during the debate.

         I made mine too spicy yesterday though, I've been having “issues”.
  • Everybody can relax. Al Sharpton called Mitt a racist.

        Well he didn't exactly say it, but he alluded to the segregationists who were for states rights.

        The difference now is the states rights people are republicans and not democrats.

        Democrats were the one's who were into slavery and what not.

        Al needs to know that.

       Can someone tell him?
  • I can't find a single person who watched that debate who can say Obama won.

        I did find one that said it was a wash, but that guy is stupid. (sorry Jeremy, if your reading this)

        this even happened (warning nsfw)
  • Youtube was totally stupid. The debate ran long, and a popup came on the screen asking me if I wanted to continue with the feed. I said yes and it switched me anyway.

        All this after I got angry at Cspan.
  • I need to throw a party and have the theme be danger.

  • Good night

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