Monday, October 8, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: October 8, 20-12

  • So my car didn't break this weekend, so that's nice right?

  • For those of you concerned the D&D game went well.  no one died, unless you count a lot of goblins.

         No one counts goblins

  • The Obama excuse-A-thon is in high gear right now.  It's either the enrolment, or Romney lied, or firing big bird is the real problem.  It's not his fault at all.

          The Big bird thing bothers me though, does anyone think that Sesame Street is going to go away if funding to PBS gets axed?

          think about it, SS is... (wait, maybe I shouldn't abbreviate Sesame street to SS, but then maybe its been a secret Nazi program all along?)

         Can we get Lactose to investigate on if it really is a secret Nazi SS program meant to indoctrinate kids?

         Even if it is, I'm still fine with Grover.  I could always identify with him.

         He wanted to be a super hero, and so did I, also we're both purple and made out of felt.

  • Good Night


  1. I'm on it. I've already heard rumors that Bert's and Ernie's real names are Engelbert and Ernst. And didn't the SS in Buchenwald use a lot of carrier pigeons? And didn't Engelbert love pigeons? I'm just asking questions.

  2. If memory serves me, yes they did use a lot of carrier pigeons.

  3. Blue. Grover was definitely blue. Maybe you should watch it again. I'm pretty sure they'll help you learn your colors. :P