Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Moment On the Separation Of Church And State

A friend of mine complained today about how she had to vote at a church today.  She opined about the separation of church and state, and that she shouldn't have to.  I told her that no where in the constitution did the separation of church and state exist, and it has nothing to do with voting even if it did.

She came back with some other B.S. about the supreme court and that not all laws are in the constitution.  so you know really shmarmy stuff.  the top it all off she's a lawyer.

Further proof that they are all evil.

I tried to explain to the lawyer that there is strict election law and it really doesn't matter where you vote, it can be in a church, local branch of the NAACP, a grocery store or your garage... just go vote!

also, if you have trouble voting because you don't believe in an invisible man in the sky, you have more problems than misunderstanding the law you spent so long studying.


  1. Agreed. Hey. I had a close friend confide in me today that she didn't intend to vote. I spent a couple of hours with her trying to change her mind...unsuccessfully. So what should I have said?

    1. Simple...you should have told her not voting is a good idea.

      If someone has not been able to make up their mind on who to vote for in this election, of all elections, then they have no business voting.

      They're either not paying attention or are an imbecile. Since she is a close friend of yours, I'd guess she is just not paying attention. There are a lot of people, for some reason or another, that just don't care.

      Might not be a very nice answer, but that is genuinely how I feel about people who refuse to open their eyes and take part in the process. They lose their right to complain in my opinion.

    2. its their right to not vote just as much as it's their right to vote. gotta let it go if she won't do it.