Friday, November 30, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Friday, November 30, 2012

• Mitch McConnel did the old "LOL!" at Little Timmeh Geithner when he made the administration's proposal to avert the fiscal cliff.

  It was basically "we are going to tax rich people moar and something something".

  The formulae went thusly:

  1. Raise taxes on rich people.
  2. ???????????
  3. Avert fiscal cliff!

  Or some such nonsense.

• Speaking of fiscal cliffs...guess what Obama plans to do with the "increased revenue" of rich people fleeing the country for tax shelters? Spending moar!

  On bailouts for student loan dead beats.

  As Kool Aid Man would say: "Oh Yeah! This is a great way to further sink the country into the dark pit of inescapable debt!"

  Well, he would say the "Oh Yeah!" part at least. Probably not the other thing.

  Because he is made of Kool not really knowledgeable about anything other than Kool Aid. And saying "Oh Yeah!".

• Carry on.

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