Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rike Ries on Lice

Because lying is more fun than, er, not lying?

Man, I'm still in rant mode. I can't help it. There's nothing to make fun of right now, just a lot of bad stuff, and worse stuff. Like, I watch the news or listen to a radio show, and in about five minutes I'm all kinds of mad and yelling at random people and spitting in peoples' eyes. Well, pretending to anyway...again, cops don't like it when you spit in peoples' eyes. So don't do that. That's a free public service announcement.

Anywho, what's really got my blood boiling lately is this Benghazi-Susan Rice-Secretary of State stuff. I mean, listen to this silliness! She's like "well, we didn't have all of the facts when I did the Sunday shows".

Didn't have all of the facts? Huh? What!? No...not having all of the facts would be like "someone killed our ambassador, we don't yet know who. We don't yet know why. We aren't sure what happened really."

Not: "Oh there was, like, this really big protest, with all of these people. Most of them were really peaceful and tolerant and peaceful and stuff, and then there were a few of these rascally troublemakers, you know the kind, they are in every bunch. And they were just so upset about this anti-Islam video on YouTube, and this mostly peaceful protest...well more of a rally really...just got out of hand". Out of hand with RPGs, assault weapons, and killing a U.S. Ambassador.

Ok, that isn't "not having all of the facts". That is making things up to the point that there are no facts at all and then running with it. Nothing she said in those infamous Sunday talk shows had anything to do with some unknown intelligence official omitting the word "terrorist" from a memo. No, this was complete and utter lying before an election to obfuscate the truth and turn people off on the whole thing by making "the story du jour" into that stupid video that actually had nothing to do with anything.

And now, Obama wants to make her Secretary of State. Which is totally bat turd crazy. I mean, there are so many steps in this thing that normal thinking individuals would have taken differently.

First, instead of making up cockamamie stories, pretend you don't know what happened, even if you do. I mean, if you're going to lie, then do it right, right? Second, ok you goofed on telling the YouTube video lie. Walk it back. Stress that it was some theory that didn't pan out after the facts came to light, apologize for it and move on. You're still ok so far.

Alright, so instead of the above, you told the YouTube lies, then tried to defend them. You eeked out the election, so now it doesn't matter too much. You just want Benghazi to go away, right? The media was fine with that, mostly. Your voters couldn't care less anyway. Situation over. Right?

Wrong. No, instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, you decide to wake them (and probably eat them...since you are Obama in this story) and start putting forward Susan Rice, the person you had do all of the Benghazi lying, as your next Secretary of State.

I mean, for a politician this is unreal. Obama is reopening a can of worms. Well in this case, a can of Alpo...because dogs. Obama eats dogs.

This is like, clutching failure from the jaws of victory. In the question of whether Obama is an arrogant person or just a stupid one, this is really in favor of the him being stupid theory. Not even an extremely arrogant politician would seek to hurt themselves politically after already getting away with something. Most people would leave Rice where she is, or quietly shove her aside.

Instead, Obama is like "hey, I want this woman who has proven that she cannot be trusted with things like facts to be the foreign relations representative of our whole nation".

Well, good luck with that, ya dog-eater.

Because you eat dogs. Obama eats dogs!

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