Monday, November 12, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Monday, November 12, 2012

• Monday...again. I think there should be a law against Mondays. Why can't the week start with Tuesday?

  Or Friday...

• So, apparently Democrats believe that they now have a mandate to raise taxes because Obama won.

  Yeah, we're at a point where our politicians think the people want to be taxed more...

• Not only does Eric Holder send weapons to Mexican drug lords to kill people, his wife apparently co-owns an abortion clinic to kill babies.

  So basically, the Holder family is about killing matter how old or who they are.

• At some point, you would think that the people of this country might draw connection between the fact that every immoral thing known to man seems to be not only supported by democrats, but also embraced by them.

  As an example: what is the argument of democrats for abortion? It is always voiced as in defense of women to spare their lives from difficult pregnancies or in the case of rape. After that, the argument is that if there weren't "safe" abortions, that women would choose more dangerous illicit methods instead. Fancy arguments from people who not only voice them, but also work to actively support as many abortions as possible.

 They propose the exceptions as argument, but work to secure free abortions for convenience.

•  Businesses begin to be "targeted" for boycotts and protests as they freeze hiring and begin to lay off workers in response to the coming full implementation of Obamacare.

  I fear that the number of businesses responding so will be too great for such boycotts to gain any meaningful purchase. And the end result? Less jobs.

  My country truly deserves what it votes for.

• Carry on.

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