Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Thursday, November 29, 2012

• So, there is talk of dissolving Detroit as a city. I guess it's been talked about before, but now that it is turning into a ghost town, there is physically less opposition to it.

  Detroit: what happens when democrats and unions gain absolute control of a city.

• You know, when those of us on the right tell the stupids on the left that their policies don't work, and have been tried in places like Europe and failed...we aren't just making that up.

  For instance, when the U.K. raised taxes on the rich to a whopping 50%, two thirds of them left the country. I mean, just think about what that would be like here in America.

• As predicted, Obama and the democrats are pushing their "lets raise taxes now and we can do the spending cuts later" thing.

  I call it Lucy Football. The democrats are Lucy, and the republicans are Charlie Brown. Stop being Charlie Brown, republicans.

• Continuing this metaphor, if Charlie Brown was crafty, instead of trying to kick the football, he would go for Lucy's head.

  Kick the democrats in the head when they say "let's raise taxes", republicans.

• Carry on...


  1. the state of michigan has done everything it can to save detroit. detroit has done everything it can to scream racist at the state of michigan.

    the mayor of detroit has done a lot to try and save the city, the city council has done everything it can to reject dave bing. this city is going down in flames, and I cant wait.

    1. Yeah, reading about Detroit kind of reminds me of some of these Euro countries that are basically going up in flames but refuse to implement policies to save themselves.

      My question is, what happens to a city if it is "dissolved"? Do they knock everything down and sell the materials to scrap yards? Contract Godzilla to come and have a go at it? Or is it one of those things where it just isn't "officially" a city anymore, but it will still be the same.

  2. my city actually borders Detroit, if Godzilla were to come through, most people wouldn't even know.

    I assume they sell off chunks to other city's. maybe keep a smaller portion of it and create a new city.