Monday, November 5, 2012

Walkingdead's Non Partisan Plea To Vote

Tomorrow millions of people will go to the polls and cast their vote for the next person (or current person again) to screw up America. You should be one of them. Honestly, I'm tired of everything being my fault all the time. I need new people to share the blame.

I know most of you (non voters) think that it makes no difference, and your vote doesn't count, but nothing could be farther from the truth. You know unless you live in Texas, California, New York or one of the many other solid red or blue states.

You know I'm not very good at this am I?

Really though, there are many many other things you can vote for. Governors races, state and local elections, the many proposals (you know, the elected officials cop out) and millage's. For some reason you also get a say in state college board members. I don't know why, but you do.

So you should vote. Honestly I don't know why you would read this and not be a voter. It's kinda like me taking a women’s studies class. Sure I can learn all about them, but because of my poor track record with the opposite sex, I'll never get to apply my knowledge.

So to summarize.

  1. Be part of the problem, by being part of the solution
  2. Don't be the voter equivalent of my sex life
  3. and find out if you like the board members of your state colleges.

Tune in later when I give my totally biased plea to vote for Romney.


  1. Hahahaha I'm not sure women's studies is about what you think it's about. I, for one, will try not to be than the equivalent of your sex life.

  2. Okay okay Keln. I know. Remove the "than" from my last post. That's what I get for trying to comment with my phone.