Monday, November 5, 2012

Walkingdead's Totally Partisan Plea To Vote For Romney

Now many of you know that I'm no big fan of Romney. I have many issues with him as a candidate, but none as a person. Conversely I have many problems with Obama as a person and as a candidate. The thing is we do need a change in leadership.

Four years ago, long before any of you yahoo's ever got sorry you heard the name “Walkingdead” when Obama was inaugurated. I made the promise to all my liberal friends that if Obama was able to “fix things” for the better I would vote Democrat the rest of my life. Well I'm sad/happy to report that I'm voting for Romney, and if you have any doubts you should too.

I do want to get one thing out of the way first. If you live in a solid red or blue state you should vote Gary Johnson. We need a third option and if the libertarian party gets 5% of the vote they get federal matching funds in the next election. I like libertarians in principle  but the majority of them are just republicans or democrats who can't make up their minds.

So now that we got that behind us.

I like Romney... enough. Right now as I type this unemployment is higher than the day Obama took office. We've had crazy scandals in Libya and domestically with fast and furious. 5 trillion added to the deficit, and we still haven't gotten a budget.

Right now we have a president that promised to close gitmo, end no bid contracts, strengthen rules for lobbyists and keep the most transparent administration in this history of things that are transparent.

Guess how many of those promises have been kept?

If you guessed 3, why are you reading this? You should be shooting yourself in the face with a gun right now.

If you need more reasons to vote against Obama, check out this link. It's 5 pages of his broken promises. Some of those should be layups. Agree with them or not,

Look I don't know if Romney is the guy or not. Chances are he's not going to do anything spectacular either. I do know that when the president has a higher unemployment rate now than when he took office, he didn't do anything to help... and we spent almost a trillion dollars to do it.

The choice is clear. Plug your nose and vote ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!


  1. What? No more references to your sex life?

  2. sorry

    Obama's presidency is like my sex life. Filled with regret, shame, and pretty forgettable except for one or two things. It screwed up more things than it fixed.

    There you go.

  3. I'd laugh if it weren't so doggone sad. :(

  4. Poor walkingdead. So if Romney gets elected, then...??? :)

    1. well unless he's going to set me up with someone in his binder full of women... nothing.

    2. Well what's the point of voting, then? Maybe I'll get my hair cut instead.

    3. Thats exactly what Obama want's you to do.

    4. If I DO vote for Romney, am I automatically put in his binder, or what? and is that a good thing??? I'm conflicted.

    5. BTW, you only get in his binder if you contributed to his campaign. If you send me $25 I'll make sure he gets it.

  5. Replies
    1. I'm so monumentally unhip I had to look up your acronym. And I agree.

    2. What? TLDR? Tough Luck Dumb Republicans? Turn Left Douchebag Romney? I gotta say, Keln, I'm getting mixed signals.

    3. TLDR: Too Long, Didn't Read.

      Actually, I did read it. Just tired of Walkingdead discussing his "love" life.

      So TLDR...

    4. Keln is just being a jerk because he's not used to people correcting his spelling...and no one's asking about HIS love life.