Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tactical Nuke: December 27, 2012

• I didn't get in a tactical nuke yesterday...sorry about that. I just didn't have time, what with my ride to work coming by early and all.

  That's my excuse, and if you don't like it I am sure I can think up another one.

• I got a rental to drive for now. It has all kinds of gadgets in it. Like, it has some thing called Sync. I asked the Enterprise guy what that is, and he looked at me like I've been living in a cave.

  I'm still trying to figure out how to make the windshield wipers work. New vehicles...too complicated.

• It's not looking good for Bush 41. Sounds like he is going down the familiar path of succumbing to old age. I hope not, but still it doesn't look good from the scattered reports on his health.

• So, like 8% of all possible workers in the U.S. are "disabled" and drawing disability.

  Really? I have an idea.

  Let's institute a new system where people who claim disability have to prove their disability annually. If they end up with an "unidentified" (in other words, unprovable fake back injury), then the state tells them there is nothing they can do but put them down.

Like a horse that can't race anymore.

Then we'll see how many disabled people there are. I bet the number goes from 8 million to about 1 million in no time. Which is still too high, but some people are pretty stubborn about riding the gravy train.

• Personally, I love gravy. And trains. But I love personal dignity even more.

  I think I am a rare person in that regard or something.

• Carry on.


  1. Replies
    1. I mean, you're not disabled or anything, are you?

  2. Please disregard the machine gun type replies. I think there is something not right with my phone. I mean I'm a bit worried about you, Keln, but not THAT worried.

    1. I'm perfectly fine. I walked away without a scratch or a bruise. Just a little sore from the seat belt, but that's all gone now.

    2. That's really nothing short of a miracle.

    3. I believe in miracles...but this was more like good engineering. Which I also believe in.

      Jeeps are tough.