Monday, December 3, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Monday, December 3, 2012

• Sorry kids, it's been a rough week for the old Nuking Politics.

  We have WD who is malingering and Lactose who is working 500 hour weeks, then there is Hunter who was signed up to be a sporadic drive-by writer anyway. And then my computer melted down this weekend following a week of inexplicable shutdowns.

  Good news is, I found the problem: loose 24 pin power cable on the motherboard. I am really ashamed that I could have possibly put it in like that and also not noticed it after half a dozen can o' air cleanings. I've no excuse for myself. But it is fixed now.

  Bad news is, I'm hitting a busy week or two and I haven't even determined last week's Punchline Nuker of the Week winner yet. So, slim picken's on NP until the New Year I'd imagine, though I think I'll be pretty freed up before Christmas.

  So, stay tuned via Twitter. We have a Twitter channel thing, and every time there is a new post here, it shows up there. I'll do what I can, but unless WD stops pretending he is incapable of writing anything, it might be dead around here for a couple weeks. I'll try to keep up with the Tactical Nukes and punchlines at least.

• China is overtaking the USA as the biggest global trader!

  Ok, two things here:

  1. Per capita, we still win. Seriously, China has like 50 billion people. On a per capita level, they have to rank, like, worst in any category.

  2. I like Civ 5. If you have some upstart civilization that is better than you at something, you just attack them and wipe them out. Generally with nukes if you have the tech.

• Ralph Nader says that Obama is a worse "war criminal" than Bush.

  Problem is, it's Ralph Nader saying these things. Because he is a fruitcake.

• Nowhere to run from taxes.

  I heard a radio ad about Belize the other day on SiriusXM. I keep meaning to wiki it, but they claim to be an English-speaking country with no income taxes and a low cost of living.

  Hmm...countries making advertisements about moving there to get away from high taxes and big government.

  That is what I call free market capitalist competition right there.

• I know, you are probably looking for an update on what Congress is doing and fiscal cliff and whatever.

  I just don't care no more. We hit the fiscal cliff when Obama won the election. As far as I'm concerned the next four years will consist of America sucking. Because Obama draws a vacuum on humanity.

  And he eats dogs.

• Carry on.


  1. I submit something like a week ago and even with all of your lack of posts you still don't post it? Geez now I know how wd feels. Totally incompetent. :P

    1. You submitted something? I must have deleted it accidentally or something. Send another one.

      And also, submissions require formatting and editing, so there is a lot of time involved in even that.

    2. I'm pretty good at spelling and grammar...if you tell me what format to send it in, I could do that, too. :P

      Just trying to help. I'm just a stay at home mom, btw. I don't have anything to do but watch TV and eat bon bons.