Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Wednesday, December 19, 2012

• Sacre bleu! The French are starting to consider rich guys running away from France and its new 75% tax-the-rich scheme to be national heroes.

  Didn't the French vote for all of that when they voted for the socialist? So basically, they want horrible taxes, but they want people to run away from them too.

  I don't get it. But then it is the French we're talking about here.

• So, this is what you get for backsliding on your principles and just going along with what you think the opposition wants: Boehner went to "Plan B", which is Nancy Pelosi's tax plan. So, he pretty much betrayed every conservative and libertarian in the country by doing that.

  But to add insult to injury, what do you think Obama did? Opened his arms and welcomed this treachery as "coming to the table" or "bipartisanship"? Nope. He rejected it.

  So, basically, Obama has played his hand and we can now see that he wants the fiscal cliff. He wants all of the tax cuts gone. He just doesn't want the blame for it which is why he is playing games with the Republicans and acting like there is any possibility they could bring a plan he would agree to.

  I say the Republicans play the same game when we hit the debt limit and Obama is scrambling for more spending before his precious government shuts down.

• Carry on.

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