Monday, December 3, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: December 3, 20-12

  • It's been a while.  I hope you missed me.
  • I'm thinking of going back to college.

         I'm gonna major in revisionist history

  • I dare you to find a picture of Sirhan Sirhan without him looking crazy.

         If you can do it I'll give you $10 American.

         or $8.72 Chinese

        coincidentally they are both depreciating at the same rate.

  • For no reason at all I hate the word fresh.

          Unless you use it in a sentence like.

        "Yo that's a fresh fade".

         I don't know why.

  • Fun fact:

         These days its really hard to tell if a girl is a Muslim, or a hipster.

        Where I live its about a 70-30 shot at hipster.

         In favor of Muslim.

        That number is growing every day.

  • I gotta say, the more Assassins creed 3 I play, the less I like it.

         It's really really buggy.

        But it takes place during the revolutionary war.

        So that's cool.

  • Why is pumpkin pie just a thanksgiving thing?  We really should eat it almost every day.

        So if I watch love and other distasters while drinking straight vodka, how sad is that.

       You know on a scale of 1-10?

      I'm asking for a friend.

  • Finally, A way for me to curb my urges of cannibalism without resorting to it.

  • Good Night


  1. I had pumpkin pie yesterday. Yum.

    I haven't done zumba in 3 consecutive days. I have the flu. :(

    I don't think you actually want a friend. I think you'd miss complaining about being sad too much.

    1. Btw, revisionist history would go well with your future political aspirations. :)