Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Modest Response Response

On another site, a friend who reposted the original graphic commented on this, saying, "Actually, I wouldn't have much issue with this if porn was being regulated!...Don't understand the comparison though."

My reply:

It illustrates how some who would, in the name of safety, encourage government to try to limit the availability and capacity of tools essential (common in a given era) to one natural right, but an attempt to similarly regulate the tools essential to another would obviously be seen as a move by a supremely oppressive regime.

I assert that, in this country, nothing short of such autocratic regulation of all guns would make a dent in their availability to those intent on using them for murder and oppression — and anything short of that only serves to erode the security and freedom of law-abiding individuals, further endangering innocents.

The demand for "fairness" seems to be a disease among some who would rather everyone be equally miserable and helpless, than know that someone else has more than they do. They are the kids on the playground who are constantly trying to get others in trouble, because they are so wretched that nobody wants to play with them. The indignant brats grow up to be bad lawyers, bad politicians, and champions of "social justice," who want to better the world with just one more tax, one more prohibition, one more law meant to advantage the unmotivated, until mediocrity becomes the ultimate virtue and the state becomes their God.

Over such a confederacy of drones, give me rednecks clinging to their Bibles and their semi-autos, any day.


  1. I agree. Besides the assault on liberty the laws would enact, they would also promote a climate of fear. Anyone with a gun for any reason would be perceived as a threat. In the grips of this fear, people behave irrationally..innocents will get hurt, .and then the government will propose further regulations for our "safety". This is a story played out in history by tyrants time and time again. I can't understand why it is not obvious to everyone.

  2. The only way to fully stop "gun violence" is to find every gun in the world and destroy it. Until that day (which can never come), new gun laws will do nothing more than keep law-abiding citizens from defending themselves.

    If we pass enough laws regulating criminal behavior, soon most, of not all, behavior is criminalized, and the government will use its discretion to prosecute those that disagree with it, rather than those who are a threat to society. We've already seen this with this administration, and it's only going to get worse.